Dark Worlds Age Of magic

Dark Worlds Age of Magic is a part of the Dark Worlds Saga. Every week on Thursday, a new section will be added to the story as a draft, so stay tuned. Due to the limit of data on the site, sections may be taken out to make room for the newer parts of the story. So enjoy the read.

Set up/summary

Draken is a world with a massive Castle, the size of a huge city. It rests in the middle of Main City, a city the size of a state. Much of the world is undiscovered, and it has no other countries. At this time, Fire Mancy, Thunder Mancy, Aero Mancy and Aqua Mancy, extreme forms of magic in their respective Element, are new, only 122 years old. Because of this, the Magic Academy is mainly focused on the art of these new battle classes.

Dark worlds; age of magic


Dark Worlds

Age of Magic


Chapter 1

Augur focused at his foe, eager with anticipation, yet trying to keep his mind still. It was a clear day and the brick floor in the courtyard was finally replaced last week. Even with all this beauty, it was still a struggle to keep concentration at his task since he got the news. And he knew why they were testing him; the academy wanted to make sure he could see through the sadness.

“Augur, adjust your stance.” His teacher commanded from the side of the courtyard.

Augur did as his teacher said when the referee finished his talk with his own apprentice and threw out his arm, flashing a bright light from his hand.

Augur inhaled, threw his right arm out in front, balled a fist pulled. He could feel the weight and resistance of the energy. A huge blast of fire lunged but curved at the bubble of air Augur created. That force of wind was too much work conjure, so he refocused on his mind on his energy.

The blaze was still working on his shield of air when Augur took his left hand and quickly jolted it across his body. The rage of the fire stopped and Augur can see his opponent laying on the ground, knocked over by a blast of wind. He smiled and breathed in more air and cast his last attack, blades of air, barely visible launched with tremendous speed at his rival.

The opponent screamed in fear with the only thing cut were his clothes. Augur let down his air shield and helped his challenger up. “Good match, Fench.”

Fench laughed. “Easy for you to say, I did terrible.”

“It's just an off day for you.” Augur reassured.

A voice got both of the boys attention. “Good work, Augur.”

Augur turned around and noticed his teacher- Loman- and Fench's teacher approach them. He was immediately reminded about what was trying distracting him earlier. He looked at his mentor and knew it was time to ask, “Can I go now?”

“Yes, you may,” Loman replied. “and show your mother some Aeromancy. She'll find comfort that her son is doing well, here.”

“Thank you, master.” Augur nodded and walked away.

Loman turned to Fench who just paid for more focus training with his free time. He could see that Fench's mentor was done talking and was walking away. “I thought you would win with his distraction for his mother. You two are mostly even when it comes to spars.”

Fench turned his head away. “I'm sorry, I'll do better next time.” He paused and turned up to Loman. “Do you have any tips?”

Loman laughed. “I don't know the first thing when it comes to Firemancy, but I can tell you this: Aero Mages feel the wind with our lungs.”

Fench pondered. “How can I apply that in my life? Us Fire Mages use our emotions and feel the atmosphere to cast.”

Loman turned and began walking to his quarters. “That's for you to figure out.” He said with a smirk.

Fench stood there, took a deep breath and closed his sight on an area and tried to cast, and as he expected, no wind. That's why I'm not an Aeromancer, he thought and made the spot he focused on erupt in a large plume of flames. With a swipe of his arm, he snuffed the fire and walked to his own room.


Augur walked through the Main City, not being bothered and not noticing any of the vendors, all he could think about was getting home as fast as he could. He just wished the city wasn't so crowded, so he can push the air to his back and help him move faster instead of weaving through people.

When he got home, he jogged into his mother's room and sat knelt next to her bed where she was laying. She looked at him and smiled and touched his cheek and he touched her hand with his. She had blonde hair that was graying, blue eyes and her face was pale. “You're sweating; are you hot?”

“Yes, Augur.” she spoke weakly.

When she spoke his name, tears began rolling down his cheek. He focused, brought his hand up, waved it gently inward then outward, creating a soft, gentle breeze across her face. He held his hand there to maintain the feel for the wind and went over and kissed his mother's cheek.


Glyth- A race that resembles humans, but they have blades protruding along their arms. They tend to have more stern personalities, but this helps them be great mages.

Zorthin- An race of 8 foot tall black lizards with red stripes randomly laid across their skin, white bellies and massive, sharp teeth. On each hand they got 3 huge, thick claws and a "thumb" claw. They are not very strong, but have an ability to climb trees with great speed. They have a short temper at times, but have a distinct patience, care and love for the young.

Battle Mage- A Magic User who uses magic to do harm. They can use all Elements in combat, but they can't use the Elements to an extreme extent as Fire Mages, Aqua Mages, Thunder Mages, Aero Mages can.